Turnkey Custom Metal Stamped Component Part Solutions

  • Whether your need is low, medium, or high volume, we can partner with you to deliver quality, on-time parts with excellent customer service.

  • We have a large stamping facility with presses ranging from 50 ton - 220 tons. We specialize in designing and making our own progressive dies, allowing us to optimize material usage and time requirements.

  • We currently stamp and supply parts in the agricultural, medical, military, oil & gas, hardware, and electrical industries. Our parts are shipped internationally with the highest respect to quality and international standards. We maintain a maintenance plan on all of our dies and document all changes and modifications made throughout the life cycle of the tool.

  • We have also taken on a number of projects bringing dies over that were designed and built by others to enhance performance and optimize utilization of the tool.
  • .003 to .125 thick Slit Coil Stock
  • Carbon & Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Nickel Silver, Beryllium Copper, and Phosphor Bronze, Polycarbonate, Phenolic
  • Press capacity from 20 to 200 ton
  • Progressive and single stage blank, form, and draw dies with in-die tapping.
  • Precision Servo Feeds - fast and accurate material control.
  • Electronic Die Monitoring - reduces down time and die maintenance cost.
  • In House Tooling Support

Press Centers

  • Aida 200 Ton, 6" Stroke
  • Minster 32 Ton, 3" Stroke
  • Minster 45 Ton, 3" Stroke
  • Minster 45 Ton, 4" Stroke
  • Minster 75 Ton, 4" Stroke
  • Niagara 20 Ton, 1-3/4" Stroke
  • Niagara 75 Ton, 4" Stroke
  • Niagara 110 Ton, 5" Stroke

Custom Stamping

Custom Finishing Centers

  • Roto-Finishers
  • Vibratory tumblers
  • Water tumblers

Stud Welding Centers

  • Automatic and manual

Since 1966 CCL has manufactured quality custom stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum electrical enclosures and industrial control panel enclosures delivered with excellent customer service. Located at 19722 East Admiral Place, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74015, we serve businesses in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and surrounding areas. We also serve Arkansas, Texas, Kansas and other states in the nation.

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